Restoration of The Birth of Venus

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Restored Botticelli's Birth of Venus

FLORENCE, Feb. 24— The Uffizi Gallery has unveiled two newly restored 15th-century masterpieces by Botticelli - his ''Annunciation'' and ''The Birth of Venus.''

The two paintings were restored over 11 months with the aid of ultraviolet and X-ray photography and chemical analyses. They were unveiled Monday and will go on public display next Monday.

''The Birth of Venus,'' painted about 1485, is one of the first large-scale Renaissance oil paintings and is stylistically related to Botticelli's previously restored ''Spring.''

Some critics believe the ''Annunciation,'' painted about 1488, was a collaboration by Botticelli and his students. The restoration of this painting to its original brilliant colors included removing a worm-infested layer of paint that was put on the original in the 19th century.


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